Look: Appearance for His Appearing

The passage of Scripture in focus today was James 5:7-12. Using this word, Rev. Babooram exhorted the congregation to prepare for the Second Coming of our Lord Jesus Christ by doing the following: Look Up (Be Calm) - v. 7 Look In (Be Clean) - v. 8-9 Look Back (Be Challenged) - v. 10-11 Finally, he … Continue reading Look: Appearance for His Appearing

Are You Dead or Alive?

Drawing from the Apostle James' NT epistle (James 1:13-17), Rev. Babooram explored the concept of temptation. He¬†focused on three aspects¬†of temptation... Cause (v.13-14) - We are tempted not by God or satan, but by our own lust Course (v. 15) - Lust leads to Temptation which leads to Sin which leads to Death Caution (v. … Continue reading Are You Dead or Alive?