What’s Missing?

Rev. Babooram's sermon focused on what is missing from the Church today: fear of God! Starting with the example set by the early church in ¬†Acts 9:31, he identified three admonitions for modern day Christians: We are commanded to fear (Deut. 10:12; Eccl. 12:13) We should be constrained by fear (Prov. 16:6; Phil. 2:12) We … Continue reading What’s Missing?

Be Content!

Today's sermon was delivered by Kieron Swift, one of our Local Ministers. The subject of the message was "Contentment - the key to thriving during troubled times". After taking a survey of some types of serious trouble that face people in the modern world, we reviewed the example of contentment shown by the Apostle Paul, … Continue reading Be Content!

Old Year’s Night 2015: Possessing Your Prize

We brought in 2016 with worship at a midnight service where Rev. Babooram preached from Philippians 3:13-14 on the topic of "Possessing Your Prize". He left us with 3 lessons: 1. You must have a prize 2. You must forget your past 3. You must press Listen up to the sermon recording to hear for … Continue reading Old Year’s Night 2015: Possessing Your Prize