Christmas Day 2015: The Sign of Christmas

...And we're back! After a brief hiatus, we are back with a recording of our Christmas Day sermon titled "The Sign of Christmas". Reverend Babooram preached from Luke 2:12 and identified the following three points He was a baby (showing His humanity) He was wrapped in swaddling clothes (showing His helplessness) He was born in … Continue reading Christmas Day 2015: The Sign of Christmas

Don’t Push Jesus, Pull from Him through Worship

We're back this week with another soul stirring sermon by Rev. Babooram as he delved into Mark 5:25-34 to offer a new perspective on the story of the healing of the woman with the persistent issue of blood. Listen to today's sermon to learn how to pull from Jesus through worship as she did, rather than … Continue reading Don’t Push Jesus, Pull from Him through Worship

Where Have You Been?

The sermon from 20th September advances the perspective that time spent by a Christian with God produces private transformation, without which there can be no public demonstration of good works or the fruits of the Spirit. It is only when such quality time has been spent with God will the effects be discernible by others and … Continue reading Where Have You Been?

Breakout, breakdown, breakthrough

Breakout ... breakdown ... breakthrough. In this week's sermon Rev. Babooram provides new insight into Mark 5: 25-34, the story of the woman with the 12-year discharge who was healed by touching Jesus' garment. This message challenges Christians to reconsider their notion of breakthrough, by seeing trials and tribulations not as things to be delivered … Continue reading Breakout, breakdown, breakthrough