Pentecost: God in Me

As a Christian, you would have experienced the Passover, since the blood of the Holy Lamb of God was shed for you on the cross. However, have you experienced the Pentecost? Is the Holy Spirit alive in you? The Purpose of Pentecost Joel 2:21-28 The Power of Pentecost Acts 1:8 The Prerequisite for Pentecost Acts … Continue reading Pentecost: God in Me

Where Have You Been?

The sermon fromĀ 20th September advances the perspective that time spent by a Christian with God produces private transformation, without which there can be no public demonstration of good works or the fruits of the Spirit. It is only when such quality time has been spent with God will the effects be discernible by others and … Continue reading Where Have You Been?

Prayer, worship & the power of the Holy Spirit

...that's what filled the Felicity Church of the Nazarene today. Rev. Babooram discerned the need to change things up and invoke the congregation to pray and worship as we called on the Holy Spirit to move throughout the room - healing, anointing, blessing and restoring people in response to their needs. There is no sermon … Continue reading Prayer, worship & the power of the Holy Spirit