Silent but Loud

Today Rev. Babooram preached on the topic "Silent but Loud". The focal scripture passage was Luke 7:37-50, which recounted the story of the woman who washed the feet of the Lord Jesus with her tears, wiped them with her hair and anointed them with precious ointment. From this, he drew out three characteristics of true worship. … Continue reading Silent but Loud

A Further Exposition of Prayer

Drawing from the parable of the persistent widow in Luke 18:1-8, Rev. Babooram continued in the vein of preaching and teaching about prayer. The sermon identified the following factors that contributed to the woman's success in convincing the unjust judge to avenge her case: She knew the law She knew her legal rights She knew … Continue reading A Further Exposition of Prayer

Obedience to God: Overcoming 3 common fallacies

In the absence of our pastor today, one of our local ministers, Kieron Swift, delivered the word. Focusing on the topic of obedience to God, he examined three common fallacies that hinder believers' efforts to obey God's word: Fallacy #1: I'm not like God (perfect, sinless, all-powerful), so I have to 'do my own thing' Fallacy … Continue reading Obedience to God: Overcoming 3 common fallacies

Are You a Disciple?

Drawing primarily from the Gospel of St. Luke (Luke 14:25-33), today's sermon title immediately calls one towards introspection and self-evaluation. The question "are you a disciple (of Jesus Christ)?" is not one that can, or should be answered hastily, especially without a proper understanding of just what a disciple is. To help us cement our understanding, … Continue reading Are You a Disciple?