What’s Missing?

Rev. Babooram's sermon focused on what is missing from the Church today: fear of God! Starting with the example set by the early church in  Acts 9:31, he identified three admonitions for modern day Christians: We are commanded to fear (Deut. 10:12; Eccl. 12:13) We should be constrained by fear (Prov. 16:6; Phil. 2:12) We … Continue reading What’s Missing?

Take the cap off

Today's sermon was based on Numbers 13:26-33, a passage in which the people of Israel lost faith and attempted to put a limit on God's ability to work on their behalf (c.f. Psalm 78:41). In exploring this text, Rev. Babooram identified three characteristics of the people that put a "cap" on God's power: Despairing Attitude … Continue reading Take the cap off

Obedience to God: Overcoming 3 common fallacies

In the absence of our pastor today, one of our local ministers, Kieron Swift, delivered the word. Focusing on the topic of obedience to God, he examined three common fallacies that hinder believers' efforts to obey God's word: Fallacy #1: I'm not like God (perfect, sinless, all-powerful), so I have to 'do my own thing' Fallacy … Continue reading Obedience to God: Overcoming 3 common fallacies