If you have no roots, you’re going to die!

Remember that parable about the sower and the seeds that were sown on different types of earth? Do you recall the fate of the seeds that fell on stony ground? Well, today's sermon started there to make the point that, as Christians, "if you have no roots, you're going to die." Rev. Babooram drilled his point … Continue reading If you have no roots, you’re going to die!

In trying times, Don’t Quit Trying

The world will always give you an opportunity to quit, but only the world calls quitting an opportunity. As Christians, we oppose quitting. Quitting is not an option! - Rev. Chaitram Babooram Today's sermon drew from the Apostle Paul's 2nd letter to the church at Corinth: 7 But we have this treasure in jars of clay … Continue reading In trying times, Don’t Quit Trying

Where Have You Been?

The sermon from 20th September advances the perspective that time spent by a Christian with God produces private transformation, without which there can be no public demonstration of good works or the fruits of the Spirit. It is only when such quality time has been spent with God will the effects be discernible by others and … Continue reading Where Have You Been?