Seed + Rain + Harvest (How to Pray for the Latter Rain)

Listen to the full sermon here. Sermon Notes Seed + Rain + Harvest Without a seed there can be no harvest Jesus is the seed (Gen. 3:15; Gal. 3:16) But the seed also requires rain, of two types Former rain - needed for seed to germinate; happened on the day of Pentecost Latter rain - … Continue reading Seed + Rain + Harvest (How to Pray for the Latter Rain)

An Exposition of Matthew 21

Scripture: Matthew 21 Eyewitness testimonies often come with conflicting information. So is the case with the account of Jesus riding into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday. The Gospels of Matthew and Luke provide similar accounts, while Mark and John were similar. With this backdrop, Rev. Babooram took an unconventional approach to preaching and teaching on the … Continue reading An Exposition of Matthew 21