Obedience to God: Overcoming 3 common fallacies

In the absence of our pastor today, one of our local ministers, Kieron Swift, delivered the word. Focusing on the topic of obedience to God, he examined three common fallacies that hinder believers’ efforts to obey God’s word:

  • Fallacy #1: I’m not like God (perfect, sinless, all-powerful), so I have to ‘do my own thing’
  • Fallacy #2: I don’t understand God, so even though I want to follow Him I have to figure out life as best as I can, and do what I think is best
  • Fallacy #3: I ‘try’ to obey, but I can’t help but sin

In each case, the fallacy (mistaken belief) was refuted through reference to God’s word:

Listen to the full sermon recording here.

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