Are You Dead or Alive?

Drawing from the Apostle James’ NT epistle (James 1:13-17), Rev. Babooram explored the concept of temptation. He focused on three aspects of temptation…

  • Cause (v.13-14) – We are tempted not by God or satan, but by our own lust
  • Course (v. 15) – Lust leads to Temptation which leads to Sin which leads to Death
  • Caution (v. 16-17) – Don’t be deceived (about sin, the Saviour or salvation)

… and then concluded with a cure: salvation and sanctification arising from the believer’s confession to God.

If you are alive to sin, then you will die in sin. However if you are dead to sin, then you will live forever in Christ .

Listen to the full recording here.


One thought on “Are You Dead or Alive?

  1. Excellent expository of the Word of God. A message that the body of Christ is lacking. Delivered without fear ir compromise.


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