Are You a Disciple?

Drawing primarily from the Gospel of St. Luke (Luke 14:25-33), today’s sermon title immediately calls one towards introspection and self-evaluation. The question “are you a disciple (of Jesus Christ)?” is not one that can, or should be answered hastily, especially without a proper understanding of just what a disciple is. To help us cement our understanding, Rev. Babooram offered three dimensions of what it means to be a disciple:

  1. Unrivaled Love (vs. 26) – “Do I love any person or thing more than I love Jesus?
  2. Unending Commitment (vs. 27) – “Have I taken up my cross?
    • Commitment does not depend on your condition (or circumstance), it is a choice
    • Luke 9:62
  3. Unconditional Surrender (vs. 33) – “As Christ gave up His life for me, have I given up all that I have to follow Him?

As you hopefully now see, it is not a light matter to call yourself a disciple of Jesus. In the passage from Luke, Jesus exclaimed the phrase “cannot be my disciple” three times. Nevertheless, it is not impossible to follow Jesus. Just as we are saved by faith, it is by prayerful self-examination and determined action that we can come to a place of truly being a disciple.

Listen to the full sermon here.

One thought on “Are You a Disciple?

  1. The message on 13/03/2016 is very true, every day we have to examine ourselves to see if we are in alignment to Gods word. To be a disciple of Christ we just cannot wish to be better but we have to take action.


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